Spray-Lining has DIY products that are better than any other product on the market including Al's Liner which in reality is Scorpion Coatings, Durabak, Herculiner, Duplicolor by Dupont, What A Liner, Grizzly Grip, Raptor by Upol, and many more in crystal clear, included equipment, more textures and colors, much higher mil height, and lower cost per square foot.



Our Binks or Graco Hoppers that come with pressure pot attachments that can be rebuilt, the Graco E-10, Graco E-XP1 or Graco E-XP2,
Graco XP-70, or our Graco HVLP guns and Sharp HVLP guns are what we supply our dealers with at Spray-Lining's Zone 2. Some of the
equipment is brand new and some is rebuilt and used. A variety of materials can be used with this equipment due to the fact that
Spray-Lining comes in many colors, textures, and variety of mil height. Our dealers always have the right equipment!

The Graco E-10 is ideal for a one man job and saves up to 30% on costs of materials due to efficiency.

The Graco E-XP1 and E-XP2 are very portable, has seals for the circulation valves that last, easy to maintain, and has digital
controls for heat and pressure.

The Graco XP-70 saves money by reducing cleaning solvent, reduces waste, reduces training because it is so easy to use, is a low
maintenance system, and is a high pressure system.

Our Sharp, Graco, and Binks hopper guns have comfortable grips and are extremely lightweight, have large hoppers for less downtime,
and each brand has unique attributes you can choose from to suit you best!

The Spray-Lining jetpak backpack spray gun is portable in every way, is a lower cost alternative to other spray guns such as Graco
and other brands, and will spray any paint, material, or coating!